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笔者将审题的雷区大致归结为两个方面,一是宏观层面踩到了大雷,即题目回答角度完全跑偏,非但“fail to address the task and the topic effectively”,更是“fail to address the task and the topic”;二是微观层面被散弹击中,即题目虽然没有理解错,但在论述过程中因为审题不仔细或论述不严谨,亦或是论述过程中思路出现偏差而带来的论述跑偏。


首先我们先来看一下所谓宏观层面的审题雷区,这样的审题错误往往是由于考生错误地理解考题的本意,而给出了可谓“驴唇不对马嘴”的答案,以TPO 25为例:

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

Young people nowadays do not give enough time to helping their communities.



The main reason for my disagreement is that community service could help students gain knowledge and abilities that cannot be acquired in school. They can get acquainted with people in different age, with different backgrounds, and having different hobbies in helping neighborhoods. This means that students may have to learn how to express ideas, listen to others and cooperate with others, since much team work tends to be involved in the process of doing community service. Last month, I helped plant several trees in my community, and met a retired professor who is also a volunteer. He imparted me a great deal of knowledge about trees and planting. Because of his age, I also helped him finish nearly all labor work and he was more like a director who gave me suggestions and guidance. Evidently, if rejecting community service, I would definitely lose such a precious opportunity.





如果回答题目,很明显应该分析的是年轻人为什么已经花了/并没有花足够的时间做社区服务。所以分析的角度也自然应该从年轻人出发,比如如果同意,可能会说现在年轻人太忙了,或是服务意识下降了,或是现在的社会足够健全,不需要年轻人了;如果不同意可以说现在的年轻人服务意识更强了,学校组织或公司组织的服务活动很多,或一些民间N等等都让现在的年轻人花了更多时间在help communities上。





Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

Television, newspapers, magazines, and other media pay too much attention to the personal lives of famous people such as public figures and celebrities.




In almost every form of media, including television, newspapers and magazines, a great deal of attention is paid to the personal lives of celebrities. It seems that the public cannot get enough of this kind of news. However, I believe that what the media should do is to protect and respect the lives of public figures rather than giving too much exposure.


Of course, close reports of super stars, especially news about their private lives and relationships, can satisfy fans’ curiosity and therefore promote the sales of fan magazines and other related products. Those celebrities can also achieve more affection and appear more on TV shows or entertainment news. However, the media should respect the privacy of every individual, including public figures. It is true that celebrities may have chosen to be in the public eye, but that does not give the public the right to know everything about them. Zhang Bozhi, a famous Chinese actress, has to change her dwelling places for three times to protect her sons due to the fanatical paparazzi. It is definitely understandable that a super star should have privacy and an ordinary life.








1. 她老人家天天盯着我写作业,每天检查我做了多少道题,每周都会跟我们班主任沟通我上课的情况,导致我现在压力非常大,每天都神经紧绷,上课也非常紧张,怕老师跟我妈打小报告;

2. 我妈不应该这么关注我学习,她这样做导致我每天都神经紧绷,上课也非常紧张,怕老师跟我妈打小报告,她也应该关心关心我的心理状态还有我的日常生活。




类比一下上面的作文题目,如果我同意,应该论述的是“媒体就是太关注了”,反之,应该论述的是媒体并没有过分关注”,至于媒体是否应该关注”,这个论题并不是我们重点要讨论的内容,但是媒体过分关注所产生的后果可以作为一部分支持论述来支持“too much”


在上文的写作片段中,作者从开头段开始就已经走在了一条不太正确的道路上:“…a great deal of attention is paid to the personal lives of celebrities … However, I believe that what the media should do is to protect and respect the lives of public figures rather than giving too much exposure.”他用一句话回应了题目,而立场则开始带入了明显的评价。接下来在让步段,前半段他说明的是媒体这样做的意义或产生的正作用,但是接下来话锋一转,说媒体不该这样做,这样的做法其实并没有尊重名人们的隐私,并用影星张柏芝的例子来*,媒体这样的报道所产生的问题。如此种种,该考生已经沉浸在自己所设定的题目中了,即讨论“媒体是否应该过分关注明星”,至于“pay attention”这个关键词却并没有给出明确的回应,因此即使语言再好,恐怕得分也不会太高。


那么该如何改正呢?既然题目只是问我们一个客观事实,那么论述的过程要么就是用事实说话,摆事实讲道理,比如记者会跟踪、偷拍明星,并将他们的一举一动在*时间*;电视上会邀请明星来参加真人秀(reality shows),甚至还会到明星家里去拍亲子秀,这样明星的整个生活都暴露在公众视野;为了博眼球,他们甚至还会将一些信息进行拼接来制造新闻,甚至是假新闻,然后引发公众关注,企图明星能更多地曝光自己的生活等等,然后再说明这样的关注已经过分了。以下是笔者给出的一个参考主体段:


… I do agree that the media have laid too much emphasis on the privacy of famous people.(开头段)


Firstly, a tendency has emerged that some producers of reality TV shows are willing to allocate large amounts of money to invite celebrities and even their children or families. It is evident that viewers could have an opportunity to get access to the real life of a super star, i.e., to see what a working day or a weekend of a star is, how different a star’s growing experience is from ordinary people, or what a star will do in a relationship. These shows can thus gain its popularity and then earn more from commercials but the celebrities have lost all their privacy and their families’ lives may be bothered as well.



上文中从事实切入,说了所谓媒体关注的方式,考生们在写的时候也可以用具体的例子,接下来点到这对于明星来说会产生的问题,以此来回应“too much”。当然这不是*的解题思路,对于这道题我们也可以分析这个现象背后存在的原因,但归根结底需要的是命题这个结论。

再来看一下TPO 20这道题目:

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

Successful people try new things and take risks rather than only doing what they know how to do well.

Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.





Nowadays there is a controversial issue about how people achieve success. Someone holds the opinion that by trying new things and taking risks that they become successful, while others think that they already know how to do well. From my perspective, I agree that it’s the spirit of adventure that plays the most important role in being successful.


First of all, trying new things could bring people more creativity and inspiration. To achieve success, you must make your products or services outstanding from the competitors. How to do it? I think the key factor is to be creative. In order to be creative, people must try new things. Let us take Jobs for example. The Apple was nearly bankrupt before Steve Jobs was invited to come back. As the CEO, what Jobs had done was trying his best to make products full of creativity. Iphone is the first cellphone using the technique of multi-touch, Macbook air is thinner than any laptops. Therefore, it is creativity that brings Apple from the edge of bankruptcy to the biggest company in the world.










Successful people have long been regarded as the role models for ordinary people and the ones many are willing to imitate. How they succeed in their fields has also been a topic of discussion among public. Although it is sometimes believed that only doing things one person is od at will make success, I still think it is trying new things that should be defined as the determining factor for success, since a diversity of examples have proven this statement.



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