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简析雅思口语part two地点类话题(二)

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 精品阶段的学生,对于某些基础的问题的应对是没有什么大问题的,但主要是part two时间长度的填充,以及要做到言之有物,让考官对于你的描述瞬间在脑海中出现一幅图画的能力有所欠缺。

  Part two地点类话题具体例文分析
  1. A dream home you would like to have
  Where this place is
  What it looks like
  When you want to live in there
  Why you want to live in such a place
  对于这个题目,首先审题需要审三个点。一是关键词。我们在拿到一个题目之后需要明白关键词是我们在整片描述中多次使用到的词汇,如果在整个的描述中,我们只能多次的使用一个词,会被判定词汇缺乏,缺少英语语言的灵活使用度。所以看到这个题目我们的第一反应应该是:我可以用什么样的词汇来代替dream和home这两个词。如:dreamy/ surreal/ coveted/ ideal/ optimal/ paradise/ utopia…或abode/ dwelling/ residence/ accommodation/ lodging…其次,我们要考虑的是素材的选择。看到这个题目之后,要先确定要讲的是哪一类房子,也就是下义词的选择。如:bungalow/ cottage/ hut/ villa/ loft/ detached house/ courtyard house…最后,我们要考虑的是时态问题。那对于这个话题,题目当中非常清楚的表明是would like to have所以是将来的一种预期,可以对于一般现在时和一般将来时进行混合使用。
  我们在来分析一下这四个小问题,通过观察我们可以发现,其中对于房屋的描述以及对于你为什么想要住在这样的一个房子中的原因解释是相对来讲比较重要的问题。涉及到房子描述时,可能有同学会觉得自己描述的比较抽象和概括,那这就需要你多补充一些关于房子的话题词汇了。比如,我们在描述时可以通过房子的外部环境进行描述(high-rise community/ well-equipped/ satisfactory virescence…),可以通过内部布局来进行描述(gym/ yoga room/ spacious balcony…),当然也可以通过内部装饰来进行描述(French window/ vibrant wall paper/ hanging chair/ home theater…)。 那同时还比较重要的是最后一个问题,其实,我们不难发现,基本part two所有的最后一个问题都为感受题,这就证明可能会和我们之前讲到的东西有所重复,遇到此类情况,不需要因为害怕而躲避回答,这样反而让文章显得没有结尾,我们要学会适当的改变一下我们的某些词汇或是句法结构来做一个总结就好。
  At the first glance of this topic, the first dream home that springs to my mind is the underwater home. I know it is a little bit surreal. But the perfect image of under-the-sea abode always lingers in my mind. I pictured that the accommodation could feature three floors. Two of these floors will be situated above the water’s surface, offering sweeping views of the ocean from its sunlit rooms and beautiful decks---complete with lounge chairs, dining area, and even a hot tub. The last tier are the most stunning part which will be submerged. This floor will feature walls made entirely out of glass, offering me and my folks a rare view of the surrounding sea life.
  As for the time I want to live in it, like I said before, this futuristic concept may seem far-fetched , but I do believe the architects are making their efforts to make it a reality with neo-technology. I’ll just see.
  Regards to the reason why I’m so obsessed with this kind of lodgings, the crucial one is that I fancy the ocean a lot. Each time I saw the endless limpid gleaming water, all botheration will just be drowned into the embrace of it. so I reckon that once I live underwater, I will never have the pain in my neck any more. Plus, the underwater home will be the product of cutting-edge technology, which means that it will be smart and eco-friendly. The power supply system, sewage disposal system and heating system will be matched the home in an environmentally- friendly way. It will not only optimize my life, but also save resources relatively. So that’s pretty much I want to share with you.
  2. Describe a place you visited that had a lot of people
  When and where you went
  Who you went with
  What you did there
  How you felt about this place
  对于这个话题,是一个非常典型将地点和旅行结合到一起的一个话题,但此题目中有一个关键词需要大家注意---had a lot of people,那我们需要意译一下它的同义词,如:crowded/ crammed/ busy/ bustling/ gilded…再来分析一下四个小问题,同时我们也看到,在四个问题中并没有涉及人多的问题,但既然是关键词,当然要在背景介绍城市时或是在讲解我们在旅行途中做的事情的时候,拥挤的状况是什么样子的。其次,在整个描述中,第三个问题是最为重要的,旅途中经历的事情,就像之前我提过的一样,需要从两个方面来分析展开描述,注意逻辑。
  Speaking of a place I visited that was crammed, the first venue that pops up to my mind is one of the tropical gems---Phuket Thailand, which is located in southern part of Asian continent. It’s a renowned tourist destination, plus, it is commonly referred to as the “Pearl of South”. Specifically, according to the nickname of Phuket., you can picture the gorgeous landscape there. It becomes a must for everyone who loves travelling. I went there with my bestie Lisa last November, cuz the temperature was favorable at that point. When we walked along the seaside, we could enjoy the bracing breeze blowing from the surface of the ocean.
  Speaking of  what I did there, well, firstly, the views there are breathtaking coz it is a tropical country which could provide us with visual enjoyment, such as the blue gleaming water and boundless stretches of green field. It’s quite picturesque. So we took tons of selfies there. Besides, I heard that the Thai god is efficacious before, and we saw numerous shrines standing on the streets. So we tried the pray stuff. I expect all the wishes could be achieved. What’s more, we definitely sampled the local nightlife, it was extremely novel to me. You know, I had never seen a number of pubs, clubs and theaters in my hometown, and we spent the whole night listening to the pop music and feasting on the beauty of the sleepless island. We had a blast there.
  I fancy this spot a lot. The crucial reason is that it was the first time that I had the long trip with my best friend. So it helped me to bring us closer together. And, of course, we commemorated our golden moment via this trip. The other reason is that, it was the great escapism form from the senior period in the university where we were snowed under with tones of schoolwork, like the papers, jobs-hunting stuff. I have to come clean that I absolutely felt relived after the trip.
  精品阶段的学生,对于某些基础的问题的应对是没有什么大问题的,但主要是part two时间长度的填充,以及要做到言之有物,让考官对于你的描述瞬间在脑海中出现一幅图画的能力有所欠缺。所以我们在讲解时应该多注意对学生怎么有效的使用下义词来进行更为精确的描述要更多的引导,这有这样才能保证学生在考试中能够具体有效的交流,而不是泛泛而谈。
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